The Kawasaki Ninja 650R Suspension Modified

For the Kawasaki Ninja 650R finally the day has come for a suspension modification. After a few weeks we finally tracked down a supplier who could offer a decent suspension for the Kawasaki Ninja 650R. We all know that the Kawasaki Ninja 650R is Thailand most affordable sportsbike, but it also comes with a suspension what should be improved to make the machine more rideable.

We finally found a supplier, YSS Thailand, who was capable of offering a better rear shock for the Kawasaki Ninja 650R. The YSS MZ506-290TR-09, a gas-buffered, hydraulic shock with the capability of adjusting about everything you could want. For some, the amount of adjustability can be a bit overwhelming.

YSS is a world class suspension manufacturer which was established in 1983 to produce shock absorbers for after market in Thailand, they have research and development centers in Holland and Germany.

For the result of improvement, was it worth the wait, the money! It took a trained mechanic a few hours to complete the installation. The total installation time could have been reduced to probably one hour, if we did let our mechanic do his work.

When the final bolt was torqued down and everything was buttoned up, we took the Kawasaki Ninja 650R for a ride. Already without any adjustments to the preload and rebound we already left more confident riding the Ninja 650R, with a few tweaks of our trusty mechanic we were doing twisty roads like we could never do before. The modified Kawasaki Ninja 650R can drop his unmodified 650R brothers like a bad habit. And with a good rider a the controls, the modified Kawasaki Ninja 650R squirts from corner to corner quicker than a unmodified Kawasaki Ninja 650R.

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Anonymous User

Friday, 10 June 2011 @ 01:03 PM ICT
A few hours to install a shock on a Ninja 650R?! Your mechanic must have shit for brians. Took me about 5 minutes (>.<Wink