The Kawasaki Kaze ZX130, Powerful Surprise

Bangkok has to be the 125cc motorcycle capital of the world, yep, even more so than some Chinese cities. They're everywhere. Ancient 2-strokes with high pitch sounds, load-piped and modern 4-strokes which seems to be favored by the Bangkok commuters. Bangkok commuters, from elderly Madames tottering past, to youngsters who come screaming by on highly modified motorcycles, Bangkokians love there motorcycles.

Looking at the motorcycles on the street you notice, plenty of Honda's and Yamaha's here and there a Suzuki, but what about Kawasaki's.

The Kawasaki Kaze ZX130R, comes with a 130cc 4 Stroke, Single Piston SOHC, Air Cooled engine. The Kawasaki Kaze ZX130 handles like a charm, it is one of the easiest drivable bikes I have tried out. You might think that all 125cc scooters and motorcycles perform much the same, they've all got about the same amount of power to play with and weight all around 100 kilos.
But the Kawasaki Kaze ZX130R feels quick. It's capable to take sharp curves, and the ZX130's engine fuel economic are simply said impressive, and the Kawasaki ZX130R is nice and narrow, plus well balanced at low speed, which makes it ideal for filtering. The Kawasaki's power is enough for really strong acceleration up to 80 km/h or so, though the km/h does start to tail off the faster you go.

On the open road, overtaking from 100 km/h takes a fair bit of space, and it's clear that Kawasaki's engineers have worked this Kaze ZX130R's transmission to emphasize quick in-town go. Having a rev/tacho counter is entertaining too: pull away gently, an it dials up 5000rpm; give it more throttle and you get 6000; full throttle brings it around 7500 to 8000.

The Kawasaki Kaze ZX130R will cruise happily at 90 to 100 km/h and go on to an indicated 120 km/h flat-out, which is bang on the 125cc motorcycle range average. Even at those speeds, the modestly fairing does a very good job, keeping the wind off without buffeting or too much noise.
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Wednesday, 12 January 2011 @ 07:43 PM ICT
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