Kawasaki Developing Motorcycles with a Personality

If you thought traction control and semi-active suspension were clever, wait and see what Kawasaki say they’re working on next. According to Kawasaki Heavy Industries, they’re developing, ‘next-generation motorcycles that have a personality and can grow along with the rider.’

The idea is that an artificially intelligent ECU could, ‘pick up on the rider’s intent and emotional state,’ and enable the ‘rider and motorcycle to communicate and share an understanding of purpose.’

Over time, say Kawasaki, if the motorcycle is capable of learning of its rider’s style and habits, it can effectively develop its own ‘personality’ - or, in Kawasaki’s words, ‘offer the rider pertinent hints for enhanced riding enjoyment, or relay safety-related or reassuring advice as the situation dictates.’

If the idea of a motorcycle that optimizes, say, its power delivery, braking performance and suspension settings to your riding style sounds far-fetched, it’s not – similar systems already exist on four wheels.

But the day when your motorcycle can actually talk back to you is a way off for the moment.

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