Kawasaki D-Tracker X with Tsukigi Exhaust More Sound, Less Weight

Tsukigi Racing Exhaust has introduced an affordable exhaust system for the 250cc Kawasaki D-Tracker X motard style motorcycle. The Tsukigi muffler exhaust canister is made from a brushed aluminum alloy, and the Tsukigi muffler's weight is 2.28 kilogram, which is less than halve the weight of the original Kawasaki D-Tracker 4.63 kilogram muffler.

The Tsukigi Kawasaki D-tracker Exhaust canister retained the low-end power of the stock muffler, but after that there was no comparison. Where the power of the stock Kawasaki D-Tracker exhaust canister starts to flatten out in the midrange and top-end power are given a healthy boost. The top-end power is considerable stronger than the stock Kawasaki D-Tracker X canister. It should be noted, however, that an exhaust system cannot change the Kawasaki D-Tracker's rev limiter, and a unmodified Kawasaki D-Tracker X still signs off early. This is unavoidable, but the Tsukigi D-Tracker muffler exhaust canister made it stronger in the range where it ran – that's a big plus.

On the market are enough modification for removing Kawasaki D-Tracker's rev-limiter.
In stock trim the Kawasaki D-Tracker X/250 makes excellent power off the bottom. In the first half of the normal rpm range for the 250cc engine, the Kawasaki D-Tracker is crisp, sharp and powerful. The rest of the power-band, however, leaves much to be desired. Kawasaki fuel-injection engine is a capable piece of engineering, but it is held back by a combination of electronics, fuel management and exhaust design. These limitations are painfully evident on a straight, fast, out-of-the-city long distance trips. When the need arises for more speed, the Kawasaki D-Tracker X/250 comes up wanting.

The aluminum Tsukigi Kawasaki D-Tracker X exhaust canister adds a decent layer of power, but it feels even more powerful than it is because of the low-to-mid hit. The hit offers a spike in the powerband that takes a couple of moments to learn to anticipate. We like the aluminum Tsukigi D-Tracker Exhaust Canister. There were no frills and there was no girlie glamor. Our aluminum Tsukigi D-Tracker X exhaust canister has held up well over the test.

The market is full of much more expensive exhaust systems, aluminum, Titanium, steel, and stainless steel, but we think that the Tsukigi D-Tracker X Exhaust Canister under 4,000 Baht price tag is what most of the Kawasaki D-Tracker X riders are looking for in a slip-on exhaust canister. I'm not sure if there's something like power-to-price ratio, if there's, the Tsukigi D-Tracker muffler has a good power per money ratio...
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Anonymous User

Thursday, 27 May 2010 @ 03:02 PM ICT
The Tsukigi D-Tracker X silencers comes in two types, titanium and aluminum with size of 100X400mm.

The original design comes with a detachable muffler, when mounted volume is about 92db. when it is removed the sound is 104db.