The Karcher K2.900M Electric Pressure Washer

Cleaning our motorcycle is often not one of our favorite activates, with exception if the in laws are visiting. Anyway to make the cleaning of the motorcycle easier a electric pressure washer is the perfect tool. But choosing the right pressure washer is like buying a scooter. There are many choices, and at the first look they all look the same. A few friends prefer gasoline powered pressure washers because they are powerful, loud and don't need electricity and are mobile. Myself I believe that a electric pressure washer is better because they are equally powerful, quiet and don't need to be filled with gasoline.

After looking at several pressure washers my favorite electric pressure washer became the Karcher K2.900M Deluxe. The the Karcher K2.900M Deluxe is a compact pressure washer ideal for car/motorcycle washing that comes with an array of outstanding accessories including a Dirtblaster for more cleaning power.

The Karcher K2.900M 1450psi (100 bar) is overkill, but sometimes it takes too much pressure to get too much mud of your motorcycle, especially when the dirt has mixed with some grease. It's better to have more pressure than you need than not enough. You can always back up a few meters to lessen the power. And the extra power is great to clean the concrete garage floor.

The Karcher K2.900M pressure washer uses clean detergent tablets which produce about 2.5 liters of detergent when diluted. The detergent is perfect if you plan on using it to wash your boat, trailer, barbecue, or siding on your house, but doesn't make much headway on a motorcycle.
It took me a few minutes to assemble the Karcher K2.900M pressure washer. No serious tools are needed. The 4 meter high pressure hose is somewhat pliable, but it would be nice to have a softer hose that didn't recoil or fold awkwardly. Maybe this is because its still very new...

If you live in close proximity to your neighbors, the 220-volt Karcher pressure washer is a great product, it doesn't produce horrible decibels. However, since it isn't powered by gasoline, you are limited to using your pressure washer near a electrical outlet.

The Karcher K2.900M, boasting 1450 psi (100 bar) of water pressure, the pressure washer can blow paint off walls. For motorcycle cleaning purposes, this amount of pressure can be dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced user. The adjustable nozzle should be turned to a position where the water fans out to a wide area. Using the high-pressure setting might damager bearings and cause water to seep into places where moisture isn't supposed to enter. Always be gentle when washing around the axles, linkage, suspension and triple clamps of your motorcycle.

HomePro, one of Thailand's DIY centers, has currently a promotion with the Karcher K2.900M and costs now only 5,400 Baht.
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