The KTM Cuckoo Clock - Spirit of Christmas Get Ready

For the people who seen everything in the motorcycle industry, I'm sure they missed this amazing KTM Cuckoo clock. It costs around 1,800 THB (without shipping cost) and you can get it via the Austrian firm's Powerwear catalog. Yes that is the same catalog you get your extreme KTM branded stuff from.

The KTM cuckoo clock features a motorcycle helmet and piston pendulums. On the hour, a KTM emerges and reminds you with the sound of its engine that you really wanted to be at the race track.

The cuckoo function on the KTM clock can luckily be disabled at the press of a button, which can prove useful if you hang it in the companies conference room and you in some serious meeting, I can also imagine that it would be helpful if you hang the clock in the bedroom...
The KTM cuckoo clock is battery-powered mechanics. For the 1,800 THB price it costs the batteries are nor included. For size the KTM cuckoo clock is about 20 x 30 x 10cm. With Christmas season holidays coming up soon we all love to get into the spirit of Christmas....
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