Jorge Lorenzo in Thailand Reveals his Secrets

<img width="200" height="144" class="floatleft" src="" alt="" />Jorge Lorenzo on his first day of his South East Asian trip, second in the MotoGP standings, reveals his secrets for his success. Jorge Lorenzo employs Asian teachings and meditation to improve his racing performance. This is how he does it.

“When you are under a lot of pressure, meditation and relaxation are very important,” says Jorge Lorenzo. “It's all about feeling your breathing so you can relax, I don't do this every time I ride, only when I feel nervous, but I do breathing exercises every day.”

&quot;Normally, most people only breathe using their upper lungs. In sophrology they teach you to use all of your lungs. When you only concentrate on your breathing you can clear your mind and there comes a point where you don't think about anything. You can be 10 or 20 minutes not thinking anything, only concentrating on your breathing. It is very difficult to get into this state because your are always thinking about something, but you just focus your breathing.
After this you feel more open and you can see the details in everything. On the grid I do try to think of nothing, then try to think positive, because normally when you are nervous you think negative. So the first step is to think nothing, then to think positive.”
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