Jonway Thailand - The Failed Scooter Company

Some time ago, we reported that Jonway Motorcycles had entered the Thai motorcycle market, the company had big plans, with innovative ideas and good quality products. The distribution and cooperation contracts were signed in Pattaya, and everything was looking good..

The Thai distributor had the hard working approach, and at the first Jonway dealer in Pattaya business was quickly picking up. Because the Jonway scooters were a bit bigger than the average Thai scooter lots of foreign potential buyers showed up in the showroom, of which a good amount bought a Jonway scooter.

One of this new owners was a German national who lives in Pattaya, Mr. Fritz, bought the best, and most expensive, scooter Jonway had available. After three days of enjoying his new ride the brand new Jonway scooter started to have some minor problems. Mr. Fritz, while more than capable to fix it himself, did what any owner of a 3-days old scooter would do, going back to the dealer. At the dealer Mr. Fritz was in a bit of a hurry and the mechanics where all busy, so the showroom manager offered a loaner scooter, which was the cheapest model from the Jonway Thailand line-up – but Mr. Fritz was told that his own scooter would be ready tomorrow – so the loaner scoot was just to ride back home and come back tomorrow, Mr. Fritz had no problem with that.
But, the next day, when Mr. Fritz returned to the dealer the place was closed and looked deserted, desks, scooters and displays where all gone, his scooter was nowhere to been seen and nobody was around to answer questions.

Currently Mr. Fritz has one of the cheapest Jonway scooter, while he bought the most expensive one. Also, the loaner scooter he now has in his possession is not registered in his name and also he has no papers for this scooter. Mr. Fritz paid nearly 50,000 THB for a scooter which was taken by the Jonway dealership in Pattaya.

Jonway China tells us to contact Jonway Thailand, which is located on an address which is clearly not correct. The owner of the Jonway dealership in Pattaya is also nowhere to be found and Mr. Fritz feels cheated and we have to agree with him... We sure that Mr. Fritz was not the only one...

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