Introduction of New Yamaha motorcycles and scooters

Today Yamaha Motors informs us that whatever else you maybe doing on Monday 10 September, make sure you are ready to see the first looks of the introduction of the new 'European' motorcycles and scooters models.

Why this is so important, Europe is for motorcycles and scooters designs one of the most important markets for motorcycles manufacturers, it is simple if the design is not accepted in Europe its introduction is almost useless in most territories of the world.

Yamaha who not to long ago blessed us with the O so popular remake of the '50's retro style scooter model the Vino or for Thailand the Fino. Is expected to follow this success story world wide.
Anyway 10 September that will be the exact moment that Yamaha lifts the covers off its exciting 2008 model range of motorcycles and scooters, and we right on top of it.

This will be the first chance to behold Yamaha's latest engineering marvels for the world an this appointment cannot be missed.

(For our American readers the new Fino is not the same as your old 50cc Vino) Tag: Yamaha Fino 115cc scooter CVT Vino
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