Installing the Front Wheel Properly

A front wheel installed wrong can wreck havoc on your front suspension and its performance. There is a proper sequence to tightening the front axle to ensure there is no bind in the fork tubes.

Put your wheel on by first sliding it into position with the disc between the brake pads and slide the axle in. Use a thin layer of grease on the axle.

Use the proper socket to tighten the axle not; stripping it out is not cool. Tighten until it's snug or the axle spins. Don't tighten down anything else yet. Proper stance and rubber gloves help.
Now take that 10mm wrench and tighten down the foot of the fork on the side with the axle nut.

The next step is important, so pay attention. You can spin the front wheel and brag the brake a few times, or you can do like some professionals do and hold the front wheel and compress the suspension to center the fork foot over the axle. You want to make sure the fork legs are lined up to avoid binding as the suspension compresses. The final step is to tighten down the right fork foot on the axle. It's not a bad idea to go back and double-check the axle bolt now that both feet have been tightened on the axle. Have fun, and go riding!
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