Install a 12V Cigarette Lighter Outlet on your Motorcycle

A little bit of ingenuity and pinch of knowledge can go a long way; you don't have to be an engineer, or a dealer mechanic to make your scooter or motorcycle do what you need it to do. I'm not on about the awe-inspiring engine builds or crazy cut-downs that you see sometimes, I'm on about those little, less obvious modifications.

It's those little eureka moments people have. The modest moments of genius where you solve that problem that's been driving you nuts over the last few months. Or when you devise something that gives you that little bit of extra that just sets your machine apart from everyone else's.

Like I say, there's clearly some very talented people on the scene. There are the motorcycle and scooter magicians who work with mystery comparable to that of old alchemists, or painters with the finishing touch of a grand master. It doesn't matter if you can't do that, who'd expect you to? However, the fact our machines are so simple means that even the average person in the shed can get stuck in and have a go.
It's all well and good having an SIM-card, but if your mobile phone is out of battery you're stuffed! And no matter how frugally you use your phone, a weekend of camping and using the Internet isn't kind on your brick-sized smart electronic gadget. These days most phones need their own nuclear reactor never mind a huge battery to keep going!

But rather than antisocially sit by a plug socket in the far corner of the night time do, I have devised my own solution to this issue. The obvious way to do it was to wire up a car cigarette lighter. However, not all scooters or motorcycles AC electronics can cope particularly well with those kind of demands. So a little research revealed the nifty BGM voltage regulator which supplies a trickle of DC power, perfect for keeping a small battery charged.,

A small battery allowed me to use the cigarette lighter while the scooter wasn't on, highly advantageous for when you need your mobile most – when your scooter or motorcycle has stopped running! Anyway, I mounted the behind the fairing and mounted the socket on the left side of the handlebar. It's served me well since then, even if it means I can just aimlessly surf Facebook while I wait for somebody to fix my motorcycle....Tag: Power-Outlet Cigarette-Lighter-Outlet 12v AC DC Voltage-Regulator Technical Mechanical Modify Parts Accessories
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