Install Rim Protective Stickers on your Motorcycle

When we first viewed these KTM Eduro modded rims, they appeared to be one-off special featuring their logo bill-boarding all the way around the outside of a black KTM rim. The reality is that they are stickers, and they not only protect the outside of your easily dinged rim, but they hide blemishes quite well.

You can install them with or without the tire mounted. Make sure the rim is clean and dry. Use contact cleaner to make sure the rim surface is spotless, and make sure you do not have any chain lubrication on the rim. It is easiest to install the rim stickers when the rim is warm.
You can do this by setting the motorcycle in the sun, or you can use a heat gun (if you do not have a heat gun, a hair dryer will work fine.) It is best to do this inside where there's no wind or dust. After you have the stickers on, use a heat gun to warm up the sticker to make sure you get good set with the adhesive.

We used contact brake cleaner to clean the rim prior to the installation. Pull out one strip at a time, then start applying the rim sticker to the outside of the rim. Take your time, and work it onto the edge. And before you know it... You have transformed your rims into very special looking rims. You can find rim stickers for almost all motorcycles, we found our rim stickers online at Ebay for less than US$ 30.
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