Install New Handlebar Grips

Your handlebar grips are your most important point of contact with the motorcycle, so why not keep them fresh and in good condition? Replacing worn-out grips is an affordable and relatively easy way to make your motorcycle feel a little newer, plus it gives you the chance to tailor the grip size, texture, and hardness to suit your preferences.

Removing the old grips is easy. Just cut them with a razor blade, cutter or hobby knife and peel them off the handlebar like opening a banana. If you have access to compressed air, you can ease the grip off by directing air pressure under the end of the grip.

If your grips are original it's likely that there will be some form of adhesive left on the handlebar. Clean this off with a knife and/or brake cleaner to leave a nice, clean surface. Protect bodywork from any brake-cleaner overspray.
If you have compressed air, use it to work your new grips into place. Depending on the thickness and hardness of the grips this may take some doing. Just keep at it and work the grips a little at a time… Keep cool, stressing yourself will not make it go easier.

If you don't have compressed air handy, rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer works as a temporary lubricant to help you slide the grips on. Heating the grips in hot water to soften them will also ease installation.

You may have heard people recommend hairspray or gasoline as a means easing grip installation. Neither option is ideal here since both substances can degrade the grips and cause them to spin on the handlebars later.

What, no glue? Not if we can avoid it! Grip glue is messy to work with, and we've never found a need for it when installing quality grips on a clean handlebar.Tag: Handlebar Grips Rubber Technical Maintenance Accessories Installing Parts
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