Improve the Security of your Motorcycle

It's dull stuff, but common sense says that if you're happy to spend a lot on an exhaust system, you shouldn't skimp on security. Most modern motorcycles have some sort of in-built immobilizer system, where a radio chip in the key transmits a complex unlocking code to the motorcycle's ECU when you switch on. No code, no engine start.

This stops the casual ride-away joyriding theft of course, but it's well worth beefing up the basic security. At home or work, you need a proper, solid chain and ground anchor set-up to prevent a team of criminals simply lifting the motorcycle into a pick-up truck.

Consider an heavy harden chain and squire padlock, or one of those granite extreme chains and lock as your foundation protection. Position the chain and anchor carefully to make access with with large bolt croppers difficult.
Alarms are another useful tool in the security armory. We've has good results with several loud screaming alarms over the years – a professionally-installed alarm will make life harder for thieves, and add to the basic immobilizing of your stock motorcycle.

Not forget that the increased popularity of big bikes in Thailand also comes with the demand for parts.
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