The Hunt for Thailand Best Motorcycle 2011

Obsessive motorcycle builders of Thailand stand up, Special Motorcycle of Thailand is coming and set to be the biggest and most inclusive specials competition ever staged.

It's open to all non-standard motorcycles, be they old or new, a well-known, oft-shown project of a half-finished work in progress. There is even a class for virtual specials. Entries can be detectable improvements on the standard. What counts is that your motorcycle inspires.

What will the judges be looking for? Brilliance of though and execution – both of these an in spades, please – but ultimately for the desire to be different made into inspirational metal machines.

This Special Motorcycle of Thailand competition is bigger than everything we ever undertaken and features seven distinct categories, plus an overall winner, so can inspire in a way that suits you and your budget. Whether you're a famous engineering outfit or an engineering student sketching dreams during classes, we want you to show us your genius.

The seven categories are; (engine size doesn't matter – big or small bikes everything is accepted)
Most resourceful
The best nitty-gitty, real-world engineering / electrical innovation or solution. It's about imagination, not money.
Virtual Motorcycle
Your fevered notions of the perfect special. These can be computer-generated or hand-drawn (please scan them first).
Road or race two-stroke motorcycle, the only stipulation is it must have a two-stroke engine. How we love a stroker. Bring on those smokers on two-wheels.
Track Bike
Race and track bike special only. Utility and technical innovation will carry at least equal weight to surface beauty.
A standard motorcycle built by bolt-on's accessories. Let the battle of the wallet-fighters commence...
Mouth-watering projects, possibly years in the making but still not complete. It's vision we're looking for.
Road Motorcycle
Road-legal motorcycles. We want to see the specials that are built to be ridden on the street, not hauled around on the back of a pick-up truck.

Entries close at the end of the raining season so send us, by email, a clear, sharp photo of your motorcycle and any details you think we should see along with text explanation of why it should win. You can also submit your picture and detail to our Special Motorcycle of Thailand gallery.

Remember, even if you don't finish you motorcycle it could be eligible to enter the Work-in-Progress class.
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