Honda and Yamaha Get Ready for Three-Wheeler Competition

Honda and Yamaha are preparing to go head-to-head in a completely new field as patents reveal both Honda and Yamaha are readying new leaning three-wheelers based on some of their most popular motorcycles.

Yamaha already makes the Tricity scooter and has shown several other concepts including the 01Gen, 03Gen-F and 03Gen-X. Most importantly, in 2015 it revealed the MWT-09 – a concept motorcycle that was a step closer to reality, being largely grounded in readily – available MT-09 parts including that motorcycle’s 847cc triple-cylinder engine and even its swingarm.

Now several patents have emerged that appear to show near-production versions of the Yamaha MT-09, including a second, unfaired derivative.

The patents, which relate to the body panels that cover the leaning front suspension mechanism, show side-on views of the motorcycles. The faired version still looks like the MWT-09 but loses the ‘floating’ windscreen. The naked version of the motorcycle gets a different front section to the tank and a separate headlight.

And Honda published a patent on the same day as the latest Yamaha ones, showing a leaning trike based on the back-end of the NC750. It shows the third tilting suspension design Honda has developed around the NC750, and the most likely for production. Previous patents showed a similar motorcycle but with trailing links from longer, curved front uprights and a more ambitious version with twin front swingarms.

Whichever suspension Honda opts for, it’s clear the firm is working on an NC750-based leaning three-wheeler that will rival the Yamaha MWT-09. Should it reach production, its 54 horsepower engine won’t be close to the Yamaha MWT-09’s 118 horses triple-cylinder but its DCT transmission will make it easier to ride.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017 @ 10:28 AM ICT
I, being older, would like the bike to stand up on its own without falling over.
More stable.


Wednesday, 03 May 2017 @ 03:51 PM ICT
Those bike on the news may not suit you.By my experience Tricity the two wheel in the front just help each other stable when you ride this bike. But it will not stand up on it own. You have to use the easel that the bike provide to park a bike.


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