The Honda VFR1200F, a New VFR family Member

According to the PR department from Honda, the Honda VFR1200F combines the latest technologies but the styling has been focused to enhance every-day riding pleasure.

The latest incarnation of the Honda VFR family has a responsive V4 engine which is a direct decedent from the Honda MotoGP motorcycle, but Honda says that it has spent a long time building a motorcycle that can be used for weekend enjoyment, commuting and long-distance touring.

The Honda VFR1200F uses the Unicam single overhead camshaft cylinder head design, similar to what we can find in the CRF motocross models, for a compact layout to help keep the mass of the motorcycle as central as possible.

The rear cylinders on the Honda VFR1200F are purposefully close together, while the front cylinders are more widely spaced. This layout allows for a slim, compact 'waist' that fits comfortably between the rider's legs. A new phase-shift crankshaft complements the advantages of the cylinder layout and operating a 28 degree throw, it effectively reduces primary vibration and noise, eliminating the need for a power-sapping balance shaft.A compact new transmission layout is claimed to help improve the VFR1200F's high-speed stability, better cornering and improved traction capability. To aid control under hard braking, a slipper clutch is also fitted. Even under the most excessive downshifting the clutch is designed to slip, preventing the rear wheel from inadvertently locking up, apparently.

The highly developed shaft drive system is supposed to give sharp throttle-to-drive delivery, unlike any other shaft drive system. Also adding to this heightened level of response and control is a sophisticated throttle-by-wire system, providing light, precise fuel metering at all engine parameters.

The exhaust of the Honda VFR1200F has also come in for a lot of work engineered to provide plenty of cornering clearance and minimal intrusion to both the rider's and pillion's feet, the high-volume, twin outlet high-chrome muffler might look a bit strange, but does the job.

The Honda VFR1200F frame, suspension and drive components are unique too. The Honda VFR1200F frame is a strong aluminum twin-spar diamond configuration that is both lightweight and rigid. The swingarm and driveshaft length are optimized without extending the overall length of the motorcycle. The long swingarm contributes to high-speed stability also.

The swingarm is a Pro-Link rear shock absorber with adjustable rebound damping. At the front are 43mm telescopic forks with adjustable preload. The Honda VFR1200F has also a standard-fit compact and lightweight ABS system.

Honda says that the VFR1200F's layered fairing is the perfect match of form and function. The ergonomically styled fairing works with the fuel tank to provide extra support and efficient weather protection for the rider and pillion, while also allowing for optimal air flow and heat management.
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Monday, 03 May 2010 @ 02:35 PM ICT
Can some-one please give the email address for Honda's PR department?

I never get replies when I try to communicate via their website.



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