The Honda Spacy-i - The New Standard Commuter

The new Honda Spacy-i, has been with us for a few months now and it's made life much easier for one and all. The petite little scooter has proven perfect for running errands; it's light and nimble, its automatic-transmission engine allowing riders to breeze through traffic and reach their destination in good time. The Honda Spacy-i (NSC110FC) is one of the NSC110 family, which stands for New Standard Commuter, and the scooter is distributed worldwide.

On the styling front, our bright Popular Red Honda Spacy-i always turns heads with its sharp styling and sporty appearance. The switches have a crisp feel and the rear view mirrors are large enough, working to the rider's advantage. The styling of the meters is attractive and go well with the sporty nature of the Honda Spacy-i. Honda's new Spacy-i is definitely more comfortable and practical than some of the other scooter in the same segment. The seat and floorboard are large, while slightly more power also adds to the feel-good factor. Yet another positive thing on the Honda Spacy-i is its wider pillion footrests.

The first time I rode the Honda Spacy-i, I found myself in the middle of a 2km traffic jam, no problem, thank you Spacy-i! I had little option but to clamber off the tarmac and get onto the and get onto the slushy, clawed-up shoulder. Here, again, the Honda Spacy-i scored well, its ground clearance making all the difference. I was easily able to skirt around traffic and power away smoothly. The 110cc class PGM-FI (fuel-injection) engine powers you quickly off the line, leaving everyone behind.
The powerful brakes work well, providing adequate stopping power and inspiring confidence. Among the few grouses I have with this scooter is its new brake-lock clamp, which feels really tricky to operate (probably needs some getting used to). Apart from this, the suspension of the Honda Spacy-i with its telescopic front forks, and rear single shock work excellent.

All said and done though, the Honda Spacy-i is hard to beat as a reliable, good quality, practical urban Thai runabout. This scooter has a lot of plusses and I've really enjoyed my time with it so far. The Honda Spacy-i is also available in Europe as the Honda Vision 110, but with additional Honda's Combined Braking System (CBS) and available in more colors (5) than the 3 colors (White, Famous Black, and Popular Red) available in Thailand.
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Saturday, 14 June 2014 @ 02:36 PM ICT
Nice for short rides, but for longer ones the seat is a little bit small and less comfortable compared to Honda Click 125, which has also more power for overtakes.

But it's cool enough, I could buy one for my wife :-)