Honda PCX 125i Performance Tuning - Go Faster, Much Faster

The Honda PCX 125i is the perfect scooter for commuting around town, it's even capable of doing some out of town trips. But if we ask the average Honda PCX rider if he could comment on his or her scooter they will probably mention that it could use a bit more power.

As the Honda PCX is one of Honda's latest creations almost everything is controlled by electronics, not something an average tuning shop would be able to mesh with. Therefore a relative small Thai company called A.P.I Tech have developed a system which gives you the ability to modify the performance of the Honda PCX 125i. Think of it as something similar as the world famous Dynojet Power Commander III, with one piece, a black-box which is connected to the electronics of the Honda PCX, and a software program which runs on a MS Windows computer.

The Honda PCX tuning software shows the performance in both numbers and a 3D data presentation, with different colors the PCX tuning software indicates if it is increasing performance or its losing performance at the rpm-level the Honda PCX is currently revving.
With the software you also capable of saving and sharing the tuning settings with your friends who also have a Honda PCX 125i. They will still need a A.P.I. Tech PCX programmable black box for there Honda PCX scooter.

So what sort of performance gain are the professionals at A.P.I. Tech capable of getting out of the ultra modern 125cc Honda engine with PGM-FI fuel-injection. One of the technicians who studied the Honda PCX performance tunning told us that 30 percent performance increase was easily accomplished, with probably more possible with special exhaust systems and air-filters. But all this performance increase also comes with a downside, the perfect fuel-economics, for which the Honda PCX is famous is gone – at the highest performance settings the Honda PCX 125i becomes pretty thirsty. Also read about the new 2012 Honda PCX150i.
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