The Honda PCX 125i, Could use a bit more Get-Up-and-Go?

Unleash the existing hidden power of your Honda PCX, 125cc scooter. This is possible with the J Costa variator for the Honda PCX, soon available at dealers in Thailand. Many Honda PCX owners express a desire for better acceleration or top speed. The easiest and simplest way to achieve this on Honda PCX is to replace the variator and get extra performance without having to modify the engine.

J Costa is recognized as, one of if not , the best scooter variator in the world. J Costa offers an alternative to your conventional stock Honda PCX variator. J Costa improves acceleration, provides a much smoother ride, reduces vibration, and in most cases, helps improve fuel consumption and top speed. The key is balance between the CVT components. A good variator tries to achieve a perfect balance between the centrifugal force generated by engine RPM, the ramp angle and the spring rate of the rear pulley spring.

A standard Honda PCX variator has 6 rollers. The force generated by the rollers is usually a compromise as any adjustment is limited to 6 rollers. As a result other aftermarket variators or rollers are often combined with a different rear pulley spring to get a good balance. It is not easy to get the combination correct. If you race and have time and money to spend with all the different combinations, then maybe it works for you. If however you only ride on the street then J Costa has already done all the work for you.

For the Honda PCX they use 12 weights, they call them weights because they do not roll, they slide. They do not run in slots or channels so they don’t stick, this gives more ratios and smoother acceleration. The weights and the shape of the bell have been selected to match the standard rear spring. As a result J Costa helps unleash the power hidden in your standard Honda PCX.

Up to 8% improvement in available HP (19% if combined with JCosta exhaust), 29% improvement in usable torque (31% with exhaust), Top speed 116kph (wheel speed not indicated), and this is all 100 percent true. (Dyno graph available on request). All benefits without changing other components or shortening the life of the Honda PCX scooter. The J Costa variator is also available for the Vespa, SYM and T-Max but sadly not yet available for other scooters available in Thailand. For more information, you can contact the Thai distributor by email (Thai or English).

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