Honda New Cheap and Simple Two-Stroke Engine

Honda has resurrected hopes of a return to lightweight two-stroke engines using direct fuel injection for a much cleaner burn and better piston cooling.

It’s patent injects the fuel close to top dead center, after the exhaust valve, yes, it’s a valve, not a port, has closed, so unburned fuel doesn’t go out with the exhaust. The result is higher efficiency, less unburned fuel and reduced exhaust emissions.
The fuel-injection system is mounted on the back of the cylinder, pointing upwards toward the back wall of the cylinder bore.

Honda believes its simple and cheap design will help revive two-stroke engines. However, valve actuation is by pushrod so it is unlikely to be a high-performance motorcycle engine. It is more likely to be employed in environmentally sound commuter motorcycles.Tag: Engine Two-Stroke Honda Exhaust-Emission Fuel-Injection
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