Honda Motorcycle Shortage in Thailand

Thailand and some other countries are currently experiencing a shortage in Honda models, leaving both customers and dealers frustrated and motorcycle-less.

If you want a new Honda PCX 125, Honda CBR150Ri or a CBR250R then prepare yourself for a wait of around a month as stocks have run dry and replenishment are delayed.

'I've lost about 12 deals to the competition, ' said a Honda dealer who wanted to remain anonymous. 'People who have just passed their test come in wanting a Honda PCX 125 or a Honda CBR150Ri, also riders who want an upgrade to 250cc and looking for a CBR250R, but I can't guarantee them one for at least a month, so they buy a Yamaha Nouvo Elegance 135 or Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Yamaha and Kawasaki must be laughing, it's like being in a restaurant without food.

The problem has two sides, with both APHonda the distributor and Honda Thailand Co. Ltd the manufacturer not predicting the market correctly. Also Honda Thailand is currently the only production center for the Honda PCX 125, Honda CBR150Ri and CBR250R and two of this models are distributed worldwide, with the Honda CBR150Ri being introduced to more and more ASEAN markets.
'It's so frustrating and just takes the wind out of premium sales – sure I still sell scoots but the top models is where the profit is' another Honda dealer said. 'We just don't know when stock will arrive and can't promise customers when they will get their motorcycle.'

According to Honda the supply problem is due to motorcycle sales being far better for the models that it predicted.

The Thai motorcycle market is up considerable compared to last year, and our share is also going up, said a Honda spokes person.

Honda Thailand is stepping up production, which it hopes will bridge the gap within a few weeks. But this is only working for the Honda CBR150Ri, unfortunately, on the short term, we cannot step-up production of the Honda PCX 125 and Honda CBR250R so potential owners will just have to wait a bit longer until other Honda manufacturing plants start production.

'We aren't sitting here on our hands, we're trying to sort this out.' said a Honda production manager, 'undoubtedly some potential Honda customers will be disappointed and we will lose sales to other brands. We're simply trying to balance everything out to supply the demand for our motorcycles.'
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