Honda Icon Rock, specially for Thai teenagers

A.P. Honda said that it's almost time for school and it's preparing for this market because in this time families will buy a new motorcycle for kids to go to school.

For this solution the Honda Icon is a new colorful with Automatic Transmission or Icon Automatic, they call it a Special Edition with additional 'Rock Style' and sold under the name 'Honda Icon Rock' specially for Thai teenagers.

The Honda Icon Rock is concentrated on teenager market, with special design, colorful colors, that show its modern trendy fashion look. The body fairing has trendy color combinations with special handlebar protectors. Honda did not change the frame and the under-seat U-box size of the Honda Icon Rock.New set of trendy stickers from the front and sides in style with 'Modern Heavy Rock' attitude, the Honda Icon Rock comes with a muffler in the same color as the motorcycle body, speedometer with heavy rock style under the Mirror Cover Rock Meter.

Honda Icon Rock is powered by an 110cc, 4 strokes, Air Cool Engine and with fan to stop the hot of the engine, V-Matic, V-Belt, for smooth ridding.

Sporty model, headlamp with Ultra Head Light style with Multi-Reflector system, tail lamp with Flashy Tail Light style, and with other utilities such as Utility Hook to hang stuffs at front console, Inner Box Console, Mini U-Box, Basket Lock, Electric Start, and security system of Honda such as Side Stand Switch, it is switch for cut power system at side stand, this will stop working automatic when the side stand is standing on the floor to protect while you park the motorcycle and touch the handle bar, disc brake system is single and Key Shutter for key system with 2 level of security.

The color of 'Honda Icon Rock' they are two tones, with orange-white or call Orange Rock with black alloy wheel, pink-white or Pink Sorbet Rock with white alloy wheel. For the price is still the same as 'Icon'
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Monday, 18 August 2008 @ 08:48 PM ICT
Just bought a New Honda Icon Rock for my daughter . Really pleased with it. The fully automatic gearbox makes the bike easy for my daughter to manoeuvre round the heavy city traffic and of course she loves the colour and the design of the bike.