The Honda CTX700 Series - Light Comfortable Cruiser

The Honda CTX700 series is one of the latest creations from the Japanese company and the CTX700 series will be a global model, meaning it will be available in all markets. The Honda CTX700 has unmistakable cruiser proportions and is therefore best described as a light tourer.

In the Honda CTX700 line-up we can find models with fairing and less fairing, with manual gear and Dual Clutch Transmission, and CTX stands for Comfort, Technology and Experience. With a seat height of only 721mm the Honda CTX700 series should make a perfect motorcycle to just about any rider. And the available DCT means you don't need to learn to change gear, either. Just like the NC700 series from Honda, but the CTX700 is said to be much cheaper in Thailand as it's locally made.
Riders can choose full-automatic mode or paddle-shift, they also come with anti-lock braking (ABS) system. Honda sees the DCT automatic as a huge advantage in drawing in new riders. And while new riders are in its crosshairs, Honda also expects more than a few re-entry buyers – along with plenty of people aging gracefully out of heavy tourers, cruisers and other bigger motorcycles, who could use something inexpensive, easy-to-keep and functional. Not only is the seat low, it's also big, thick and designed to accommodate a broad range of body styles.

The Honda CTX700, with its modern styling, could be much more appealing to youths looking to reject the conventional motorcycle in the same way it happened in the Thai small bike market, where small engine sized scooters are outselling the classic motorcycle design in a ratio of 7 to 1. If you look at the riding position and to some amount to the overall design it becomes clear that Honda designers looked at the old Helix scooter, a scooter that sold amazingly well in Japan. You probably also can compare the CTX700 with the failed Honda DN-01, but the DN-01 was ahead of its time and the price was just to high. We look forward to hear any price ideas from Honda Thailand regarding the new CTX700 models.
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