The '01 Honda CBR900RR, Excellent Used Motorcycle

Today we look at the Honda CBR900RR from '01 to '02, the CBR900RR is just another beautiful example of the Yamaha R1 versus Honda FireBlade struggle. Following the scorching Yamaha's release, Honda fought back with a larger engine, new chassis and swingarm and upside-down front forks. The next iteration, the Honda 954, is faster still – and more popular. So the CBR900RR, which is actually a 929cc, is somewhat of special motorcycle.

The Honda CBR900RR is as most Honda motorcycles a good used motorcycle buy, the 929cc, DOHC, 16-valve, in-line four engine is rock solid and has little mechanical needs.

There were a couple of recalls: the clutch required an overhaul and new parts, and the fuel hoses were lengthened. It's best to check the relevant work in the service history, if the Honda CBR900RR still has it. A good idea is to contact the mechanic who worked on the Honda.
For other things, don't be surprised if the fueling is a little snatchy. A race can and other mods will exaggerate the problem – get them off or get the fueling set up properly on a dyno. A Power Commander III is maybe a modification you want to think about. It's not needed but a Power Commander will resolve all fueling problems. For some reason, Honda's PGM-FI fueling wasn't up to scratch back in 2001.

When buying the CBR900RR from a dealer or privately, you need to demand a test ride and pay especially attention to the gearing while riding. Also look for crash damage on the obvious places.
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