High-Visibility for Your Safety

Most motorcycle garments have at least reflective piping, or thin strips of reflective material along seams. These light up and shine very brightly when light falls on them. The thing about reflection is to remember that most will shine in the direction the light is falling on them. So they must be positioned where a car/truck driver or other road user can see them, else they will not be as bright as you think. Similarly, keep an eye out for where the reflectives are.

I have a motorcycle jacket that has a reflective logo right at the base of the back where my trouser belt usually goes. On most sportsbikes, this logo is not visible at all and hence is useless. If the motorcycle jacket doesn't have reflective patches, you can do something about it.
It's easy to find reflective materials at a local fabric shop or at the automotive section of your local department store. Make some arm straps that you can wear on your arms or legs to add to your visibility. Even more effective are high-visibility safety jackets of the sort that road construction workers wear.

Another thing is to check if the backpack you wear for your daily commute also has reflective material and if that is visible when you're in the riding position on your motorcycle...
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