High Performance Aftermarket Ignition Coiils

High performance aftermarket coils can improve performance of your engine by having a higher quality factor and less leakage than OEM and other standard aftermarket coils. The quality factor is a measure of resistance at a specific frequency in a electrical coil, while leakage refers to how much energy is lost in the transfer of electrical energy from the primary to the secondary coil.

With more energy transferred in the coil, the spark is potentially stronger and can improve combustion.

A hotter spark and better combustion is unlikely to harm your engine or shorten its lifespan unless you are already dangerously close to the edge of damage with your fuel or ignition curves.
Replacement coils are something street riders and track rider alike would benefit from.

The performance improvement to cost is another matter – at 25,000 THB for a set of four high performance coils, they are an expensive proposition. So you have to ask yourself is the performance increase worth the price. Tag: Ignition Ignition-Coils Engine Technical Parts
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