The Harley-Davidson V-Rod Anniversary Edition

When the V-Rod was released 10 years ago, Harley traditionalists scoffed at the idea that Harley-Davidson had the nerve to break the air-cooked V-twin mold. But after 10 years in production, Harley-Davidson’s liquid-cooled V-twin has surpassed the naysayers gripes and the Harley-Davidson V-Rod 10th Anniversary Edition is testament that the motorcycle is here to stay.

It may taken a year of two for the Harley-Davidson V-Rod to catch on, but as the famous quote from Field of Dreams goes, 'If you build it, they will come.' Eventually Harley-Davidson released multiple iterations of the V-Rod platform: Harley-Davidson Street Rod, Harley-Davidson Night Rod, and currently the H-D Night Rod Special, the Muscle, and the one-year-run only V-Rod 10th Anniversary Edition model.

The Harley-Davidson Silver Anniversary Edition V-Rod includes, but is not limited to, multiple features for the anniversary model: chrome powertrain with platinum crankcase and heads, straight-shot exhaust with dual, chrome slash-cut mufflers, silver split five-spoke cast wheels with a machined highlights, inverted front forks, and much more.
The liquid-cooled 60 degree V-twin Revolution engine has withstood the test of decade-long time. Originally available in an 1130cc package when the VRSC was first released, the bigger, and current, 1250cc engine boasts 125 horsepower at 8250rpm, and 115Nm torque at 7000rpm. Coupled with the five-speed transmission with race-bred clutch with 'slipper' action, downshifting is high rpms is smooth.

The Harley-Davidson Anniversary V-Rod model has also been tweaked in the comfort and ergonomics department. You'll find a two-up seat with custom stitching, a pullback handlebar, and reduced-reach forward-mounted rider footpegs all working together to provide a more comfortable ride and prevent slouching over in the seat.

Being that the Harley-Davidson V-Rod is such a quick little number, it's imperative that it's outfitted with the right braking components. Up front you'll fin dual four-piston calipers that grab hold of 300mm floating rotors. Another four-piston stopper binds the 300mm floating rotor in the rear for a trifecta of stop-ability, ABS is also available for this motorcycle, but strangely it does not come as standard.
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