The Harley-Davidson 883 Iron - Enjoyable Cruiser

The Harley-Davidson 883 Iron, cruisers and me should fit well together, I'm an unhurried rider – the most important aspect of any ride isn't looking cool or seeing how many times I can almost trouble my adrenal gland en route – it's getting there. Enjoyment runs a close second.

So, a Harley-Davidson 883 Iron cruiser, with its lazy engine, forgiving riding style and not so powerful engine should be right up my ally. Only the amount of chrome on the Harley, I don't want to be able to see my face in a motorcycle, I have mirrors for that. Okay the Harley-Davidson XL883 Iron, it's one of the smallest cruiser style motorcycles the Milwaukee factory produces.

The Harley-Davidson 883 Iron is designed entirely to appeal to a hip riders early in their motorcycling careers who wouldn't usually give Harley-Davidson a second thought. I feel special. Well, that's the cover, time to judge the book.

The Harley-Davidson 883 Iron goes some, it may only have 40 horsepower but it's got enough torque power to make it enjoyable to ride. And something what actually shocked me – the Harley 883 Iron handles well. You can lean it over and go quite fast. What? When did this happen?
There are more surprises, too. As a motorcyclist, I'm used to the general public treating me with indifference or mild disgust or confusion. But this morning, my neighbors waved at me, some garbage recycling guy gave me a thumbs up, at a police stop for motorcycles they let me go without to much hassle and a guy at the gas station said 'nice bike'. Have I woken up in an alternative reality where motorcycles are viewed as legitimate transport choice?

If I were on the far more impressive Italian near 1200cc sportsbike, they'd look at me like I'd kicked their side mirror – what is it about the Harley-Davidson badge that engenders such respect from non-motorcyclists?

Maybe to those that have always wondered about motorcycles, it represents freedom and the life never lived. And to the rest of us, it's a flawed, expensive motorcycle. Up until now, I always thought we were right. Are we? My dad now plans to buy one. Ok, so the fuel tank is apparently not big enough to make it from gas station to gas station in rural Thailand and it's ruggedly handsome. And the dirtier it gets, the better it looks. But, still, I can't love it. There are occasional glimmers where I begin to, but it hasn't developed any further, it's competent.
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