Getting a 1992 Honda CBR600F through Thai Road safety and Emission Testing

The final hurdle for the 1992 Honda CBR600F. The joy of hearing the words 'your motorcycle has passed' from the department of land transport is not to be underestimated – particularly when the motorcycle is 18 years old and had been rebuilt by myself. But my feelings of joy are muted because of what came before.

While giving the Honda CBR600F a worryingly efficient going over, the testers at Thai government road-worthy and emission testing side picked out several faults that will probably keep me in the workshop for weeks. Helpfully, one of the senior mechanics at the side was kind enough to give me some pointers before I submitted the Honda CBR600F for testing.

One of the major problems was a small leaks in the exhaust at the pillion footrest hangar mount and right by the engine block.
More serious was the movement in the rear shock linkage, and the rust eating the linkage itself. The Honda CRB600F did not fail on that, but it could be a serious problem in the future, and I was recommend to fix it earlier than later. And I needed to remove or fix the wobbly pillion peg.

Fixing the pillion peg is something I can cope with. But I think I'll find some insurance and ride the 1992 Honda CBR600F around for a bit before condemning the old girl to yet more garage time... Tag: Honda CBR600F Emission-Test Exhaust-Emission Environmental-Testing White-Smoke-Test Idle-Emission-Test Catalytic-Converter Department-of-Land-Transport Lambda Rules
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