Getting More Out of Your 650cc Motorcycle

Ask most of the owners of the new Thai 650cc category motorcycles to summary the factory-set fueling and most will likely to get a single four letter answer which we not like to repeat here... Most owners of the new 650cc category motorcycles in Thailand will look for some way to get a bit more out of there motorcycle, some will turn to relative simple electronic devices which fool the motorcycle into thinking its running in a completely different environment, so the computer unit (ECU) of the motorcycle will increase the amount of fuel injected into the combustion chamber….

Whilst the extra fuel injected is a basic, low spec solution the high-technology precision answer for optimum performance tuned is to fit a Power Commander and the motorcycle precision tuned on a dyno. The objective is to have a engine set-up for performance and efficient fuel consumption at every point on the rev range.
When one of our friends ran the initial dyno reading it confirmed what every owner knows; it runs lean, it runs rich, but it never quite runs right when you go the simple way. Most 650cc category motorcycles can run perfect and with a Power Commander within a hour of tuning at all points of the rev range.

Riding a 650cc category motorcycle with a Dynojet Power Commander fitted would clearly transform the behavior of the motorcycle. There is power and smoothness where there was once a juddering motorcycle, the pick up is often far quicker, the mid-range has more power and grunt and I reckon you get an extra 1o% or more out of your liter of fuel. That's makes happy customers.

If you're a do-it-yourself Dynojet Power Commander user everything is available with fuel maps for most makes and models of motorcycle which can be downloaded, imported and adjusted via your personal computer. The Dynojet Power Commander unit plugs in-line using the motorcycle's standard connectors and all adjustments to the fuel and ignition curves are carried out on the Power Commander microprocessor which means removal returns the motorcycle to stock.
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