Get a Bike and Kit me Up

After jumping through hoops to get your license you deserve a treat. And you're about to get one. Getting the keys to a new motorcycle ranks among the greatest pleasures on in this world. Your decision to buy new or used will be driven by you budget.

If you have less then 150,000 Baht to spend you'll get more buying used – a bit more to spend and it's worth considering a new 250cc machine.

Buying a used motorcycle in Thailand, for what some motorcycle dealerships are asking is about the same as a seven-year-old Toyota middle-class car – you can bag a mint Honda CB400, Honda Hornet 600, Suzuki Bandit 650 or a Yamaha Fazer 600 – but be careful about the paperwork being fully legal.
Mind you, all four of the big bike manufacturers have shown interest in entering the Thai motorcycle market early 2009. These will make fresh Honda's such as Honda's CBF600 and Hornet, Kawasaki's like the ER-6N and Ninja ZX6 and hopeful some Suzuki's in the 600 to 1000cc range available with official manufacturing warranty.

Bikers wear specialist gear because it keeps them safe and dry. The first thing to decide is if you want leathers or textile kit. They now offer similar levels of protection, so the choice comes down to budget, style and practicality.

For the first time buyer, we'd recommend decent textile kit: nearly as protective as leather but also cool, waterproof and cheaper. You'll be able to wear it year-round with and you won't need separate waterproofs.

You'll also need a helmet, gloves and boots. Spend as much as you can afford on a helmet, but remember that a proper fit is just as important as fancy construction and a dramatic sprinkling of vents. If it doesn't fit, it can't do its job properly. Shop around and compare helmet in different stores.

If you plan on riding year-round, it's worth buying both summer and waterproof cloves. The quality of the cloves is also important, the better once are thinner and offer more feel.
If you are considering buying a motorcycle in Thailand which is not registered, or has a altered, fake or refurbished green book. Be aware that the Thai police with the Thai custom office will do more checking once the big-4 motorcycle manufacturers start selling legal motorcycles in Thailand.
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