The Gem Utility ATV 320u, Multi-Purpose Vehicle

The multi-purpose Gem Utility ATV 320u is a biggie ATV. The Gem Utility ATV 320u is powered by a 280cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, 4-valve SOHC engine. It is equipped with an electric starter motor and has a back kickstart, transmission is by CVT (Constant Variable Transmission) with High and Low selection also the Gem Utility ATV 320u has a reverse gear.

The engine is a basic, easy to service SOHC four-stroke, it is fully liquid-cooled to keep the powerplant ticking over at a consistent temperature, and although it means the addition of a radiator, it performs much better than most oil-cooled Chinese ATVs.

The Gem Utility ATV 320u is available for a bit more than a year, but recently the competition in the ATV market has increased ten-fold with many Chinese brands entering the Thai market and some of the Japanese brands, and even North American names filling the market with ATV vehicles. Some of the Chinese manufacturers look exactly like Kawasaki's, Honda's or other brand names.
The Gem Utility ATV 320u is a multi-use ATV with switchable high and low gear. The drive is by a fully automatic CVT with an reverse which you can shift with a lever on the left side of the handlebars when the vehicle is standing still. The left-hand brake lever works the brakes on all four wheels. A right-hand mounted brake lever works the front brakes only. The Gem ATV 320u has dual disc front brakes and single disc rear brake.

The disc brakes are an improvement over other ATV, also the motorcycle-style rear swingarm and independent front suspension make the Gem Utility stick to terrain like no other.

The first quick off-road spin is for our professional ATV rider to assess our ability, or in my case lack of ability (off-road I'm more a two-wheel person), with ATVs before they let me loose on a off-road track over partly farmland, through some rough terrain, and up and down some hill. Safety is a big thing, and I navigated the track without any problems, I needed to restart the engine once, but the electric starter had the Gem Utility ATV 320u humming away within a few seconds...
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