The GPX Pitster Pro XJR SS 90 Kids Motocross

Like all parents we like to keep our children happy, and when papa has a big Honda CRF450X for riding in the mud – the kids want to follow that example. After looking at several small motorcycle on offer in Thailand we ended looking at the GPX Pitster Pro XJR SS, which is a 90cc air-cooled, four-stroke motocross motorcycle.

With a seat height of 609mm the Pitster Pro XJR SS 90 is a start-em-young intro to the fun world of motorized sport. Kids with balance skills mastered can ride these bulletproof little 90cc four-strokes from around 6-years of age, and up to 8 or maybe older depending on height.

They have a 3 liter fuel tank to eliminate dad having to go to the petrol station to often, the GPX Pitster Pro XJR SS 90 is not road legal, it hasn't have lights and likely makes to much noise – but than a 6 to 10 year old would never be legal on any road going vehicle. The controls for the GPX Pitster Pro XJR SS 90 are simple an on/off switch, a choke, the twist throttle, a fuel tap, and a kickstart. Little ones may struggle to kick the bike over on their own at first, but don't you dare to help them to much – the technique of kick-starting the bike will be mastered in little time.

The GPX Pitster Pro XJR SS 90 four-stroke engine packs “tons” of torque and is easy for a learner with clutch-less centrifugal 4-speed simplicity. The bike weights 52kg, and comes with 10” wheels with knobble tires, with front and rear wheels equipped with powerful drum brakes. The frame and subframe are made from Chromoly Type A steel.

Basically the 90cc, GPX Pitster Pro XJR SS 90, is a great machine with good features. In fact the XJR SS 90 was so popular that after our first visit to the distributor our kid refused to go home with us. So we needed to order one... And junior is extremely happy with it, went up and down our street and showed all his school buddies.

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