The Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure Body Armor

Buying body armor is a lot like buying insurance: You're never sure what to get or how much to spend. But realists know they can't enjoy motorcycling fully without preparing for the possibility of an accident. Cue the Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure.

Every armor-maker has its own way of doing things, which is why so many shock-absorbing materials and means of holding them in place exist, UK-based Forcefield created a proprietary modular sandwich of multi-layer/multi-density materials designed to provide a high level of 'breathability, flexibility and repeatability.' Independent sections are held together with wide straps and hook-and-loop strips. The Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure is worn next to the skin under a jacket or riding suit.
Because the European Union has the only motorcycle armor standard, the whole industry uses European Union Certification (CE). This system is based on the force transmitted through a given point by a given impact. The Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure received Level Two certification (which is the highest possible) for back protection, Level One for chest protection (Level Two for chest protection doesn't exist) and exceeds the standard for elbow and shoulders.

Relatively heavy and a bit bulky, the Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure doesn't breathe as well as, say, a mesh jacket. As for fit, the vest rode up and pressed against the back of testers' helmets on racer-replicas but was more comfortable on motorcycles with a more upright riding position.

Overall the Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure is not bad for something that most of us never wanted to deal with in the first place. If you're interested in the Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure take a look...
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Phat Phreddy

Thursday, 01 December 2011 @ 07:42 AM ICT
Not seeing much elbow protection..

Check out the 661 pressure suits.. Top kit and the mesh very breathable in the climate.