Flashing Motorcycles and Colorful Bike Gear

I'm willing to bet there isn't a kid under the age of 10 on the planet who doesn't love the sight and sound of a motorcycle, specifically a sportsbike. Maybe it's the bright colors and zingy engine tones that capture their infatuation, but one thing is obvious, they're mesmerized. You see it in their eyes and on their smiling faces as they walk past, all the while pointing. Okay, we have to clean the windows of our showroom a bit more often than we love to, but it's worth it.

And our mechanic in his flashy gear and a cool helmet is an instant hero or celebrity, kids even run to our gate to see him just that little longer.

Big V-Twins, on the other hand, seem to have the opposite effect on little ones. But that's sort of expected considering they even scare me sometimes it's the complete cruiser package of black leather, a dirty beard (sorry my Pattaya friends) and rumbling exhaust that hammers home the differences in fashion and appeal.
But what if the aforementioned beardsters had on a trick and boisterous jacket instead? Would they be perceived differently? There are as many jacket styles as there are different motorcycles on the road, yet none of the ones we have would be hanging in a big V-Twin riders closet. The jackets I have, with exception of one, are all very colorful, so if you've thought of leather jackets as something only V-Twin dudes wore to the bar, please think again. I guarantee there's one very protective leather jacket available that will be as intriguing to you as your sportsbike is to some little kid gawking at it in a parking lot or as he crosses the road. It's even getting better you can buy your leather protective gear in a shop in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Rai, somewhere else... even from behind your lazy chair if you want... BUT PLEASE WEAR IT... it's for your own safety and you help your follow riders who don't like to see so much blood....
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