Fixing the Wind Screen with Plastic Polish

I’m coming up tp three years as the owner of my secondhand Yamaha YZF-R1 and it’s still pretty mint; if anything it’s better than it was when I bought it. But last month, on of those infuriating slip-ups happened that has you cursing. When we were swapping the brake fluid on the YZF-R1 during the master cylinder test, we spilt a bit on the screen and by the time we noticed, it had market the plastic.

It was only a small defect but, a bit like someone else’s hairy mole, once you spotted the mark you couldn’t stop looking, so it needed sorting. A new one wasn’t the answer – I waned the standard look for the motorcycle and the stock screen on the motorcycle was mint, so no double-bubble. Also, Yamaha stopped supplying OE screens for my model year.

Brake fluid is corrosive stuff and I was worried the screen was shot because some screens are coated form the inside and it wouldn’t be able to be polished out if I’d damaged the few microns of coating. So I soaked the screen in wet paper towels to soften off the fly debris, cleaned it, closed my eyes, counted to 10 and then had a go with a plastic cleaner and polish.

To my relief it worked, and with very little effort, too – so I then used the opportunity to polish up the rest of the screen, remove the micro-scratches acquired over 17 riding years on this planet and then set about the headlights.

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