Exciting as Engine Oil

To the uninitiated, modern engine oil is about as exciting, well, as waiting in a queue for over 30 minutes. But once you take some interest in the quality of the lubricant you’re putting into your trusty motorcycle, you realize the boffins in white coats who formulate the motorcycle engine oil are brainiacs.

Take Shell Advance Ultra 4T four-stroke engine oil for example. It’s 100 percent synthetic race-spec engine lubricant, which Shell reckons provides a motorcycle engine with more torque and increased power while also keeping the clutch and transmission well oiled.

Detergents aren’t only used in the kitchen, you know – high-temperature detergents in the Shell Advance Ultra 4T ensure your engine runs cleaner, while the additives in the engine oil maintains constant viscosity which minimizes clutch fade.

Shell Advance Ultra 4T engine oil is used by motorcycle manufacturers as Ducati and KTM and has successfully been used in WSBK, World Supersport Championship, World 4T Enduro and Moto Cross Championship. It’s not for nothing that Ducati recommends Shell Advance for his motorcycles.

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