The Electric Powered Ducati – A bit what we didn't expected

For some time there was the rumor of Ducati working on a electric powered vehicle, lots of people had the idea of a 1098S powered by an extremely powerful electric motor delivering toque specification we would hardly believe...

But now that Ducati actual have released its electric vehicle the motorcycle press stays quiet, why is that? It's true Ducati have released their first electric bike, but it's not exactly what most of us had hoped, it's a bicycle with a electronic support motor. The electric Ducati bicycle was created by Italwing Group under licence of the great Italian motorcycle manufacturer.

The electric Ducati is powered by a 36 Volt, 250 W. Brushless electric motor, and has a removable 36V., 8Ah, Li-Ion battery from Panasonic. Charging the Li-Ion battery fully will take about 6 hours. The removable battery pack weighs 3.5 kg. The frame is made of 6061 aluminium. The gearing system is supplied by Shimano in the form of a Nexus 7-speed inner gears. The bike has a 26” front wheel and a 28” rear wheel.
Ducati named the electric bicycle the City Pearl, and is meant to appease the eco-freindlies who always wanted a Ducati Sportsbike but always believed it was polluting the environment to much. The Ducati electric bucycle comes with a power-plug, so no eco-friendly solar panels, I guess that the green loving eco-friendlies always forget that electric energy is in Thailand created by highly polluting coal powered electric plants – so charging the electric powered Ducati is per fueling likely pollute the environment as much as a modern fuel-injection motorcycle.

On the speed and power specifications you also not find the relation with Ducati, flat out the Ducati City Pearl will do just 25km/h and that is with a healthy breeze in the back.
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