Earplugs - Important Part of your Gear

Earplugs, one of the most important parts of your motorcycling kit gets seriously not enough attention, and I'll be honest and declare that I don't wear them as much as I should. But when I do I'm reminded of how good they are, and that I should really stick earplugs in more often.

The times I do use earplugs tend to be on long journeys. They dull down the monotonous drone of the engine and the blast from the wind, but the real benefit will be seen later in life when you've still got your hearing.
Giving them a squeeze whilst twisting the end, and they're good to go in. You can slide the plugs in dry, but I like to put a bit of liquid on the end – just to ease them in.

Personally I prefer low pressure foam earplugs which are simple to use, yet do a marvelous job of protecting your hearing. Not wear them because they cost money? The price of earplugs start a less than 10 THB per package, normally I go for the bit more delux models... but they probably work perfect no matter what they cost.Tag: Earplugs Gear Hearing Helmet Safety Dangerous Wind-Noise
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