EBR Motorcycles Back in Business

While cats are said to have nine lives, businesses are rarely so lucky but Erik Buell Racing seems to have a life of its own, sinking, re-emerging and resuscitated for the third time. Dumped by Harley-Davidson when the parent hit hard times a few years ago, the Buell brand re-emerged as Erik Buell Racing but hit another wall last year.

Now it has been resurrected by an investment firm, Liquid Asset Partners, with production restarting in East Troy, Wisconsin.

There is said to be a multi-year plan in place, and Erik Buell has taken on the role of Chief Technical Officer. The company has started to produce 'America's Sports Bike' once again, the EBR 1190RX and 1190SX models, though as yet it is unclear through whom these will be sold.
The EBR motorcycles themselves continue to display innovative thinking, like fuel carried inside the frame instead of a dedicated fuel tank, a traction control system with myriad levels, and a lightweight, large diameter rim-attached front brake system.

Exactly how the company plans to attract new customers (and retain those they already have) is anyone's guess, though a price drop helps, but nothing too much can presumably happen until they have a dealer network in place, also no information if or when possible overseas dealers would attracted...Tag: EBR Erik Buell 1190RX 1190SX Buell Sportbike V-Twin Business Harley-Davidson Production
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