The Dynojet Power Commander V, what Every Motorcycle Needs

Bolt on an new exhaust system to your motorcycle and you'll need to adjust the fueling. The Dynojet Power Commander III brought easy engine tuning to the masses. The latest Dynojet Power Commander V will make you feel like a professional engine tuner.

The Dynojet Power Commander V at the most basic level, will replace your motorcycle's ECU and lets you customize the fueling and ignition of a modern motorcycle. You need a unit with the correct modular connectors for your make and model, install in place of the stock control unit and then download the standard fuel map for your motorcycle. A tuner can then run the motorcycle on a dyno while tweaking the settings to get your engine running perfectly.

The Dynojet Power Commander V is half the size of the Power Commander III. The Power Commender V is a godsend for modern, tiny sportbikes – especially the Yamaha YZF-R6. There's no spare room for anything bigger than a deck of cigarettes. The new Power Commander V unit can hold two power maps as standard – and switch on the fly. So you could choose a wet map and a full power mode. A bar-mounted switch enables switching between maps on the move, or any other programmable function.

Or you could setup one to run a turbocharger, should you want a truly special motorcycle. But the complexity of fuel maps it can manage is mind-boggling. You can program a separate curve for each individual cylinder in every gear – 24 maps in each mode. You can also have it adjust itself depending on the motorcycle's speed, the exhaust gas content or the external temperature.
There's a customizable 5-volt input that can be anything you like. The old Power Commander III unit could go to 100+/100- the standard fuel mix – but the new Power Commander V unit lets you increase it up to 250%. That means this unit can run turbos and superchargers off the shelf. And the Power Commander III required a 9-volt mains adapter for use when programming – but the new Power Commander V can powered by a computer's USB connection.

Yes the Power Commander V will plug and, almost, play – though some fine-tuning is essential. But the real fun comes in the bolt-on-bits. You can add the Autotune kit with O2 sensor and control unit which, when plugged into the Power Commander V, will adjust the fueli9ng to the optimum setting when the motorcycle is running. There's a Dynojet LCD display unit that can show engine information, tuning settings and performance data. A quickshifter plugs in with no cutting or splicing and it includes an rpm activation cut-off, allowing you to keep it disabled, for example, during slow town riding.

The Dynojet Power Commander V allows you to fine-tune the fuel injection and ignition maps to a much finer degree. Apparently, most people who buy the new Dynojet Power Commander V don want more power – they want a smoother throttle response than a lot of modern motorcycles have because of the exhaust emissions rules they have to pass.

Problems finding the right Dynojet Power Commander V, try here – the link is for a Kawasaki ER6N or Ninja 650R but the shop has all Dynojet Power Commander V's on stock for almost all motorcycles.
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