The Dynojet Power Commander V - What Every Bike Needs

The latest version of Dynojet's Power Commander, named the Power Commander V, was introduced to the motorcycling world a few years. With a list of standard features longer than we have time and space to tell about them all, the Dynojet Power Commander V is a leap forward in terms of value for money. The new Dynojet unit now includes many advanced Power Commander functions that would have required additional expansion modules before.

The ability to switch between two maps using a handlebar-mounted button is the most obvious advantage – allowing, say a full power map for normal use and a softer map for wet weather riding. While the switching feature was available previously, it required plugging addition modules into the Power Commander III USB. On the Power Commander V however, the hardware/firmware is included as standard, so all you need to do is build or buy the switch itself.

As well as the map switching input, the Power Commander V also has inputs as standard for gear position, wheel speed and a 5 volt analogue input. Again, this was possible with the Power Commander III, but only with additional hardware. By feeding these channels into the Power Commander V it's possible to reference them in maps. So you could have a different map per gear for example, a speed related map, or even hook it into a boost pressure sensor for a turbo.

An exciting addition is the Autotune Kit. This expansion module adds closed-loop functionality to the Power Commander V (which seems ironic, as most of the time we fit Power Commanders to get rid of the OE closed-loop). But unlike OEM setups you can set the target value of the Power Commander V and define where and when it happens.

Most interesting of all, (but probably out of sensible price ranges), is the ability to hook up to four Autotune kits to the same Power Commander V – assuming your header pipes all had lambda sensors points. This would mean closed-loop control of each cylinder's fueling – as opposed to blanket changes across all cylinders that could potentially tap into generally undiscovered power.

The only thing the Dynojet Power Commander V can't do is drive eight-injectors. To do this you'd need to daisy chain two Power Commander V's together. A technician from Dynojet explains 'We can offer eight injector control with a second Power Commander V that is daisy chained through the CAN port. In order to keep the unit as small and cheap as possible we went down this route as the biggest components are the injector drivers and not everyone need eight-injector control – especially now that we can add up to 250 percent fuel rather than 100 percent. This gives everybody a good option and both units are still smaller than the old Dynojet Power Commander III USB.'

The Dynojet Power Commander V is available for almost all modern motorcycles.

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