The Dunlop Qualifier Tire, The Street Bike Tire

The Dunlop Qualifier, introduced back in 2005, the Dunlopo Qualifier front tire features a cross-ply construction with two nylon and two aramid reinforcement belts, while the rear tire utilizes Dunlop's Jointless Band (JLB) circumferential belt over two nylon carcass plies. The front tire profile is based upon the Dunlop Sportmax GP DOT race tire with similar compound, while the rear tire retains the profile of the old Dunlop D208ZR street tire but with compounding very close to the medium compound used on the Dunlop Sportmax GP race tire.

Tread patterns for the Dunlop Qualifier are an evolution from the D208ZR and closely appearance of the Dunlop Sportmax GP race tire.

The Dunlop Qualifier tire has one of the tallest front tire profile available on the market, requiring significant chassis adjustments to achieve best results, especially on lighter mid-range motorcycles. Traction, compliance, and steering were rated high;y by several independent riders, although several riders felt that steering effort was a little high compared to what they used to.
Overall the Dunlop Qualifier, compliance is pretty good, yet still gives good feedback, good stability accelerating over bumps and under hard braking, with no squirming on the brakes while steering nicely trail braking.

The overall grip for the Dunlop Qualifier also scored high marks on the public tarmac, with the exception that break-in took a longer time before tire grip felt really settled in. Corner leaning with the Dunlop Qualifier's carcass was stiff while at of near vertical, which would allow bumps to upset handling on corner entry.
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