Ducati - Termignoni Out - Akrapovic In

After the sad demise of Italian exhaust manufacturers Leo Vince, we learn another Italian exhaust system manufacturer may be in trouble. Termignoni has a long association with Ducati, as official aftermarket exhaust system supplier no less.

Termignoni exhaust systems have appeared on almost every Ducati, but this may be about to end. The thing is, Audi – the current owner of Ducati motorcycles – does much of its work with Akrapovic, so to streamline the business, it has pushed Ducati motorcycles their way.

The first signs of Ducati working more closely with Akrapovic are with the Ducati Superleggera, which is fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust system.

From now on we'll see much closer ties between Ducati motorcycles and Akrapovic. What happens to Termignoni Exhaust Systems, the loyal Ducati fans wonder?

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