The Ducati Safety Pack - Amazing Technology

The new Ducati Monster 1100 EVO is currently the only motorcycle to come with Ducati's Safety Pack (DSP) as standard kit. The DSP includes a Bosch-Brembo ABS braking system and brand new user-friendly 4-level Ducati Traction Control (DTC).

This all is accessible from the left-hand switchgear the DTC system offers a choice of four levels, each one programmed with an increasing level of interaction graded from one to four – four for the most amount of traction control, one for the least.

Front and rear wheel sensors then compare speed differential to sense when rear traction is being broken (like when the rear wheel is spinning up under power or over a manhole cover) and DTC decides the best combination of two different types of instant electronic adjustment.

And Ducati Safety Pack is clever. The first 'soft' stage of the interaction by the system is done by high speed software that makes instant electronic adjustments to the ignition timing, administering varying amounts of ignition retardation to reduce the engine's torque. It softens off the power accordingly.
But, if the DTC software detects that the first 'soft' stage of system interaction isn't enough to keep things safe it will then keep up the ignition retardation and, also, tells the engine ECU to initiate a pattern of constantly increasing injection cuts until, if necessary, it gets to the stage where it's fully cut the injection.

During all stages of interaction, the two warning lights – normally used to signify the over-rev limiter mounted on top of the digital instrument screen – illuminate to show that the DTC is working.

As soon as the system recognizes that the back wheel spin is starting to slow down it then gradually gives back the power.

Ultimately the DTC is seamless for the rider.

The Bosch-Brembo ABS reads wheel speed data from phonic wheel sensors to detect potential wheel lock. If the wheel speed differential falls below a specific safety limit (so if one wheel is slowing more quickly and is likely to lock up), the control unit immediately reduces the brake system pressure to the appropriate caliper. It's an amazing system.
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