The Ducati S2R 1000 - Excellent Secondhand Monster

It's been nearly two years since I rode my last Ducati S2R 1000, yet within seconds, I felt at ease. The Ducati S2R is an perfect example that you not need the latest motorcycle model, a Ducati Monster 1000 from 2007 is the perfect secondhand motorcycle.

With scallops for my knees in the sides of the 14-liter plastic fuel tank, and the seat being low enough to allow both feet on the ground, the Ducati S2R Monster 1000 impresses everybody with its compact feel.

It's a reasonable stretch to the tapered aluminum handlebars, but this gives a riding position where it's the norm to keep a bit of a lean forward over the front, which adds precision to the steering response. On the ends of those handlebars are the mirrors, which give a clear view behind, but only if the engine's not running. Actually, it's not as bad as that, but at certain revs the image does become a little blurred.
The instruments cover the basics – speed and engine revs – as well as being able to select between total and trip distance and between the clock or oil temperature readout. Just in front of the fuel tank, the ignition switch, integrated with the engine immobilizer, is an added deterrent against theft. When you buy a secondhand Ducati motorcycle – not forget to ask for the red key (master key), you need the red key to duplicate keys.

The Ducati S2R Monster 1000, being air cooled, there's always a chance that an exuberant fellow might work the throttle hard enough that plentiful cylinder finning wouldn't cope with the heat generated and cause distress to the oil, so a oil cooler is fitted, out of the way of stone, damage, above the front cylinder.
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