Dual-Sport / Adventure Motorcycle Market

The dual-sport/adventure market is growing bigger by the day, with more motorcycles and more gear and plenty more riders lapping it all up.

All the major motorcycle manufacturers in Thailand have a dual-sport and/or adventure bike in the fight and plenty of others are trying to literally get their hands dirty alongside the big players in the Thai motorcycle industry.

The variety in the market from a price and build standpoint is wide. From budget priced Chinese build to mighty and powerful Italian, German or Austrian build Adventure bikes, with several Japanese motorcycle makers offer a mid-range priced dual-sport or adventure motorcycle, there is a motorcycle to suit all prospective adventurers.
Some motorcycles carry electronics that wouldn't be out of place in the cockpit of a modern airplane, while others reflect a simpler time. Some come in at premium prices with refinements befitting their price tags, while others are cheap and reliable buys that offer little if any bling.

All are great fun, however, and the endless possibilities they open up are almost evident from just looking at the motorcycles.
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Thursday, 12 September 2013 @ 01:53 PM ICT
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