Drive Belt Problems - Squeaking like a Nest of Birds

What if your belt driven motorcycle starts making more sound that a chain driven motorcycle? You have 10 to 15,000 kilometers on the clocks, and you start hearing a squeaking noise from the rear that sounds like a nest of young birds. The noise can only be duplicated under acceleration through all gears, and at all speeds. It doesn't happen on deceleration or coasting, or when the suspension is exercised.

And if the noise is not irritating enough, your dealer fails to correct the issue and seems to be loosing it. Even if some mechanics at dealer centers will correctly look at the drive belt and rear suspension, but even with adjusted belt, cleaned, and applied anti-seize, the irritating noise will return within a few kilometers.

In some desperate move some dealer mechanics will try you to agree in replacing the brake pads, but, while it's never a bad idea to check the rear brake – it's very likely not the source of the irritating squeaking noise.
The best thing you can try is rubbing some Teflon lubricant onto the outer edge of your drive belt. Spray some lubrication on a rag and hold the rag against the edge while a friend rolls the motorcycle until the whole drive belt is contacted. If you have a stand or jack to get the rear wheel off the ground, you won't need the friend. Just make sure you not jam your fingers. If the source of the squeaking sound is from the drive belt, it will go away when you do this. Make also sure that the rear wheel is properly aligned, and that the drive belt, pulley flange, and teeth are clean. Warning: Do not start the engine to turn the rear wheel while applying the lubrication to the drive belt. This will be extremely dangerous and stupid, also you probably will lubricated the drive belt to much.
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Anonymous User

Wednesday, 13 April 2011 @ 05:50 PM ICT
I would suggest it is harmonics, a frequency being generated within the belt..

Neither dangerous or defective, Damn annoying....

Cure.. Replace belt