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<img width="210" height="48" class="floatleft" src="www.motorcycle.in.th/images/articles/DragonsMc-Thailand-Charity-Biker-Weekend_1.jpg" alt="" />One thing what unites all motorcyclists is the need to be free, but from experience we know freedom never comes without a price. Freedom comes with many faces, some call it democracy but the real experts will call it relief from poverty.

For some people Thailand will not look that poor and some will even call it well on its way to profit and riches. But as in all emerging countries in the world, Thailand isn’t immune to the differences between the rich and the poor, sometime very poor family’s living from one moment to the next have accidents and suffer misfortune resulting in either one or both parents dying.

It’s the children who have the misfortune of losing their parents, or come from ultra low income one parent families. They are the ones that so often pay the ultimate price. Starvation, poor living conditions, abuse of all kinds, that’s what they have to contend with unless they have some where to go.

This is were an organization like the Moo Ban Dek &quot;Foundation for Children&quot; orphanage can make a huge difference, they provide a loving, caring environment, were the children are safe and can study for their future. Moo Ban Dek &quot;Foundation for Children&quot; orphanage, relies on donations and receives NO money from the Thai Government.
For these reasons, and because as foreigner’s here in the Land of Smiles, we decided we wanted to give something back to Thailand for the warm welcome we received and the continuing warm, smiling nature of the local people.

The Dragons MC Thailand has organized a charity biker’s weekend for the weekend of November 21st / 22nd 2009 in Kanchanaburi there will be a prize draw, live music, Thai and Foreign food, Beer and drinks, in fact every thing to make this a very enjoyable event for all that attend. We have many sponsors from large business to normal everyday people like you and me.

<img width="200" height="121" class="floatright" src="www.motorcycle.in.th/images/articles/DragonsMc-Thailand-Charity-Biker-Weekend_2.jpg" alt="" />The Dragons MC Thailand and the Moo Ban Dek &quot;Foundation for Children&quot; orphanage are very grateful to ALL our sponsors large and small.

This is in co-operation with the Thai Visa Forum and The Nation Newspaper.

We invite all motorcycle riders small and large. If you have a motorbike, big bike, scooter whatever, we hope to see you. In fact even if you haven’t got a bike we would like your support, maybe you would like to donate money to this great charity event.

Thai’s and Foreigner’s alike are working together for the benefit of the children of the Moo Ban Dek orphanage.

The Dragons Mc Thailand are working and riding for the benefit of Thailand and the Thai people. Please see the Dragons Mc Thailand website below for full details of the Dragons Mc Thailand 1st charity biker’s weekend 21st / 22nd November 2009.

<a href="www.dragonsmcthailand.com/main">http://www.dragonsmcthailand.com/main</a>
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